SAMS Family Foundation Inc. programs and activities are centralized at Sherman Adams Sr. Memorial (SAMS) School in Duazon Township of Lower Margibi County in Libera.  Duazon Township is a mostly impoverished community with an overwhelming need for basic health and education resources for youth and adults.  With your help, we hope to develop SAMS School into a community hub that empowers and serves the residents of Duazon Township, and surrounding communities in similar socioeconomic situations.  

2018 Fundraising Priorities & Planned Events

Student Essay Contest - COmpleted!

In order to generate the dialogue about health among school-aged children, an essay contest was facilitated by the foundation. The title “What does good health mean to me and my community” was open to students in grades 5-12.  Four prizes of $100 in tuition and Young Writer's Handbooks will be awarded to two winners from each county (one winner per grade group). The participating counties included Montserrado and Margibi counties.

Congratulations 2017 Winners!

Harold E. Davies Jr. (Grade 5) - SAMS 

Daniel P. Davis (Grade 7) - Life Foundation Academy

Deborah D. Teeman (Grade 12) - St. Christopher

Karis K. Jimmy (Grade 11) - Paynesville Community School



Health Literacy Workshop

This workshop is meant to provide information and tools to improve general health literacy and an understanding of MoHSW services. The multi-week workshop will cover such topics as, parts of the body, describing ailments and symptoms, cold and flu, basic first aid, communication at the doctor’s office, lab tests, medication prescription, medicine labels, and social programs.

Health & Wellness Fair

The Health and Wellness Fair will have fun and engaging activities for community members of all ages.  Various stations will focus on nutrition and physical activity while other will provide no cost blood pressure and blood glucose screenings. Activities will include awareness-raising around road safety, water and sanitation, food safety, and other pertinent health and safety-related topics. A panel presentation and discussion will be conducted about health literacy and barriers to care in the Duazon Community. The Health and Wellness Fair will be a preamble to the Health Literacy Workshop.

STEM Workshop

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are important disciplines but have historically lagged behind in developing countries for several reasons, be it scarcity of role models or access to advance education. As globalization continues to be pervasive it is imperative that these disciplines become accessible to students. The initial step is to expose students to the various careers in these disciplines and explain the pathway of study. The STEM workshop will be a 4-week project and will feature topics such as Introduction to STEM and careers in STEM. Guest speakers from various STEM sectors in Liberia will talk to students and field trips will be planned to several related facilities including factories, labs, and other related institutions. An underlying and important goal is to recruit girls, who are typically underrepresented in these disciplines to attend workshop.

Adaopt - A - Student

The SAMS Adopt-A-Student program is our newest program to raises funds for tuition assistance. As a donor, you can make an investment in the future of a SAMS student.

Donations to the SAMS Adopt-A-Student program specifically goes towards helping families in need who are not able to afford an education for their children.