Our mission is to provide academic enrichment with a foundation in health and wellbeing, promote health equity, provide access to education to resource poor and needy populations, and support the revitalization of the Liberian healthcare and education systems.


Activities related to wellness, early childhood development, and academic enrichment of children and youth are inclusive of human capital development of the parents, teachers, caregivers, and volunteers who care for and serve them.


Working in Liberia

Our past projects and many of our planned activities will take place in the Republic of Liberia. Liberia underwent 14 years of civil war, which crippled the education and healthcare systems in many ways. Liberia was also the hardest hit by the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak and still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. SAMS Family Foundation Inc. strives to be an active partner in the reconstruction and revitalization of the country and its people.




Sherman Adams Sr. Memorial School

Sherman Adams Sr. Memorial School (SAMS) serves as the main hub for SAMS Family Foundation Inc. activities.  The primary school is located in Duazon Township of Lower Margibi County in the country of Liberia. It is situated in a semi-rural setting and is a mostly impoverished community.  SAMS Family Foundation Inc. board provides administrative and financial oversight to Sherman Adams Sr. Memorial School. Although the school serves as the hub for the Foundation's activities in Liberia, activities and resources are open to Duazon residents and the surrounding communities.